Hello World
May 11, 2016
1 minute read

Hi! This is my new site. If you do not know who I am, please check the about page.

This time I focused in maintaining the simplicity, as you can see. The last website was a bit boring to me, since it was only expositive. Now I plan to bring some content instead.

I’ve also changed some technical details. Now I’m using Hugo with Github Pages.

I was mainly atracted to this options because Hugo let me edit the site super easily. Github Pages was also a good choice, since it’s free, really quick quickstart and keep my site open sourced. It was quite surprising to me how Hugo fits good in Github Pages.

The next step is to integrate some kind of continuous integration, to autobuild the site after commits on the development repository. (Or it can build automatically every day, to publish the future posts)

So, that’s all folks, keep watching to updates. (:

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