The short

Hello, I’m Gabriel Teles. A fullstack developer based in Brasilia, with focus on effective and impactful web applications. I’ve been building software for about 8 years. Throughout that time, national and international companies and individuals relied on me for bringing his ideas to life.

Interested in working together? I’m always interested about cool stuff. Let’s talk.

The Long

I can remember like it was yesterday: I wrote my own dice-roller to support the lack of die on my RPG parties. My first contact with programming was with bash script over than a decade ago. The moment when I typed 4 (die) and 6 (faces) and got a random number was magical. Next weeks upgraded terminal color to green and letters to white.

But something was not right. Why can I just get a terminal and other applications can have buttons and input fields? Some googling and I discovered that “object pascal is the way to go”. Trying to install (and actually compiling anything), I ended up with standard pascal, that was shipped with PascalZIM, a academic implementation of Pascal parser, compiler and interpreter. Without graphic interfaces (or at least I didn’t knew how to do) but this whole new world gave me months and months of fun.

At some point I knew RPG Maker, which awoke my will for RPGs, this time making instead of playing them. Even without releasing any game, It was fun and connected me with people that taught me a lot, including about Ruby and RGSS (stands for Ruby Game Scripting System, a proprietary game framework shipped with RPG Maker).

With RGSS limitations, I tried a few rewrites in C and C++, keeping it’s interface. The goal was to build a DLL that could replace RPG Maker default’s seamlessly. I had contact with both DirectX and OpenGL.

This game maker side of me led me to my first job, in which I developed some educational games to help with literacy. I also wrote software to handle real time video processing and streaming with PHP.

I had a brief stint by the Brazil’s federal supreme court (STF), were I worked both in maintenance of legacy Java software and building new solutions to handle millions of requests per day with Docker and Spring.

After it, I wen’t to PDVend’s team as a technical leader, then CTO. Was responsible for the integration with Brazil’s major credit card acquirers and sub-acquirers, also for numerous hardware integrations with point-of-sale terminals.

Currently I work at bxblue, a marketplace to help millions of people to compare and contract online the best loan. I’m the user journey’s guardian, mainly responsible for researching and creating UX and UI.

By all my journey I had some parallel projects to help me learn new things, which include exoteric languages implementations, topics in AI, mathematical solutions with programming, among others. Most of the time I have something in mind to learn.