Some years ago I built a portfolio website so I could show some of my work for job interviews. It lasted only one interview before I put it aside 🤷‍♂. At some point this idea changed into blogs that had one or two posts, then into some Medium writing, but I was never satisfied with some detail.

Two months ago, after a tough project, I decided to spend my free time taking this personal website (or blog, whatever you want to call) from paper. It may not be the state of art, but it’s the result of some tuesdays and thursdays nights, days I dedicate two or three hours to code, read or do anything that actually pleases me.

It also was some attempt to learn about Accelerated Mobile Pages – framework in which this blog is built in – and JAMStack with Hugo + Netlify.

I’ll try to write about some experiences, ideas, thoughts and stories, mainly about coding.

Gabriel Teles

Developing things always was my passion, I've worked from financial systems to esoteric languages implementation. Now I'm part of @bxblue team.